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DBIA Releases Updated Design-Build Done Right Best Practices

In remaining committed to enhancing the delivery of Design-Build Done Right®, DBIA has released highly anticipated updates to our Design-Build Done Right® Universal Best Practices, which were first released nearly 10 years ago. Since that time, much has changed – from technological advancements to lessons learned during a global pandemic – and these updates reflect the continued growth and evolution of both design-build and the industry at large.

As an organization dedicated to whole-team success, it was important for DBIA to consider all perspectives – Owners, contractors, designers, educators, attorneys – to help inform these updates, and we are thankful to the many related industry associations that provided input during this process.

Some highlights of what’s new in the Universal Best Practices:

  • Addition of Guiding Principles that serve as an anchor to the best practices in the areas of Universal Ethical Conduct, Demonstrated Competence, Sustainable Professional Development, and Supporting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Enhanced focus on industry practitioners, not just Owners, and how they can further contribute to project and team success
  • Better organization and visual flow of the content
  • Clear distinction between a Best Value procurement approach versus Progressive Design-Build


In addition, with the expanded use of and interest in Progressive Design-Build across the nation, DBIA has also released a Deeper Dive on Progressive Design-Build that delves into the nuances of this approach.

As has always been the case with Design-Build Done Right® Best Practices, if implemented, they significantly enhance the chances of project and team success. These updated best practices will inform changes to our core curriculum, which serves as the basis of DBIA’s design-build certification program. Updates to both the curriculum and certification exam are anticipated in the latter half of 2024.

Both the Universal Best Practices Primer and Progressive Design-Build Deeper Dive, along with many other Design-Build Done Right® resources, can be downloaded in the DBIA Bookstore at no cost.

DBIA Releases New Virtual Design & Construction Primer and Position Statement

DBIA remains on the front lines of industry transformation through collaboration with the release of our latest Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Primer and Position Statement. These new foundational documents are key additions to the existing suite of Design-Build Done Right® resources offered by DBIA to help educate and elevate our membership and industry on the importance of VDC Done Right. Both the VDC Primer and Position Statement, along with many other Design-Build Done Right® resources, can be downloaded in the DBIA Bookstore at no cost.

To help your design-build practice, please download the following resources:

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